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Path: lmccloud
From: lmccloud@pen.k12.va.us (Lorna J. McCloud)
Subject: ELEM: VA 4th grade materials?\
Message-ID: <E0vHxr.292I@pen.k12.va.us>
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 1996 18:27:27 GMT
Organization: Virginia's Public Education Network

I need to work on our collection of reference and government
books, especially about VA.

Yesterday, some students came in looking for "commonwealth
charters" (that was the extent of their inquiry!!!), and I had
to tell their teacher: "Did you check to see what we have on
this?  I don't think we have too much...."

I am hoping to get more...
Lorna McCloud           Teacher-Librarian
King Elementary         Woodbridge, VA

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