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TARGET: DD #'s for new countries 04/06/96 Marta Williamson
TARGET: censorship paperwork 03/31/97 Marian Mackey
Magazines 03/31/97 Burton,Sandra
Role of T-L and technicians 03/31/97 Pat Elliott
TARGET:Dividing Library Collection-elem.and middle grades My 03/31/97 Kathy Hooper
JOBS: Cataloger in Houston, TX 03/31/97 Elizabeth Anne Fitzpatrick
UPDATED> HotList of K-12 Internet School Sites - March 31, 1997 04/01/97 Gleason Sackman
TARGET: Info on "FATE" magazine 04/01/97 Lin Hatch
GEN: MEL: Education Section 04/01/97 Peter Butts
HIT: Best Gay/Lesbian books (Part 1) 04/01/97 Jaye Alper
HIT: Best Gay/Lesbian books (Part 3) 04/01/97 Jaye Alper
HIT: Best Gay/Lesbian books (Part 4) 04/01/97 Jaye Alper
HIT: Best Gay/Lesbian books (Part 2) 04/01/97 Jaye Alper
AR ONLY 04/01/97 Mickie Johnston
Target: southern writers 04/01/97 Eileen Maynard
VIDEO needed : May Pole Dance 04/01/97 Tomahawk Elementary School
Web66: 7,500 School Web Home Pages! 04/01/97 Stephen E. Collins
tech 04/01/97 Bonnie Keyser
REF: Mississippi 04/01/97 Mary Buitendorp
"Today in History" on LC Website 04/01/97 Elizabeth L. Brown
HIT: Bridges and Bridge Construction Resources 04/01/97 Spencer High School
TARGET:encyclopedias on Internet 04/01/97 ELLEN JOHANSON
TARGET: encyclopedias on Internet--sorry 04/01/97 ELLEN JOHANSON
No Subject 04/01/97 No Author
Average Price of Book 04/01/97 Chesterfield School Library
MIDDLE: Mayan info website(s) 04/01/97 Debbie Rasmussen
April Fools Joke 04/01/97 Monica McQueen
April Fools 04/01/97 Suby Wallace
Open Invitation to AASL Attendees 04/01/97 Patricia P. Semple
Junkie virus 04/01/97 Sandra W. Griffith
Target: ELEM: Story stairs. 04/01/97 Angus Saunders
Re: TARGET: encyclopedias on Internet--sorry 04/01/97 John Courtney
LM_NET FAQ with new item April 1, 1997 (no foolin') 04/01/97 Susan Baker
No Subject 04/01/97 Stephen E. Collins
Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. 04/01/97 Diane H Albosta
HIT: southern writers 04/01/97 Eileen Maynard
GEN: video boxes 04/01/97 Diane H Albosta
GEN: Security systems 04/01/97 East Haven Teacher Account
Video : May Pole Dance 04/01/97 Tomahawk Elementary School
HIT: Graduate School (library/media) on the Internet 04/01/97 Helen Frank
Query 04/01/97 Jean Rowan
AASL gathering 04/01/97 Priscilla Bennett
GEN: British children's lit textbook 04/01/97 D'Anne Easton
Re: TECH: Signature for Netscape 04/01/97 John Albee
CD Rom Encyclopedias 04/01/97 Union Endicott High School
North Texas/Marketing Workshop 04/01/97 Jeanette Carolyn Larson
MIDDLE: Professional Serial 04/01/97 Linda Sherouse
GEN: Fun Kick-off activity for inservice 04/01/97 D'Anne Easton
Re: ELEM: Memorial Book 04/01/97 Cecily Pilzer
ELEM: gifted and talented 04/01/97 Chris Coble
Target: Sec: Internet course textbook 04/01/97 Jeanette B. Heath
TARGET: Reopening a closed high school library 04/01/97 J. Josenhans
Re: AR ONLY 04/01/97 Betty Dawn Hamilton
April Fool's Day 04/01/97 Becky Smith
Target: laserdisc players for elem. 04/01/97 Valerie J. Arthurton
Tech: Re Type 3 error 04/01/97 Carolyn Brown
HIT:Gay/Lesbian Books 04/01/97 Kathy Hooper
Greetings requested 04/01/97 Sylvia Merrill
Elem: New collection help 04/01/97 Carolyn Brown
At Risk by Missoula Children's Theatre 04/01/97 Maria Silva
HIT: April bulletin boards 04/01/97 Maria Silva
HIT> html softwr 04/01/97 Wade Grimes
ref 04/01/97 Debra Phillips
TARGET: need vendor; help:-) 04/02/97 Lin Hatch
ELEM, periodicals 04/02/97 SCHLnet LMNET Newsgroup
Great April Fool's for next year 04/02/97 T. K. Cassidy
SEC:Pass/Fail grading? 04/02/97 beth kapp
TARGET: Lib. Advisory committee 04/02/97 beth kapp
GEN:need help from Ocean, sea side towns 04/02/97 JoAnn K.
JOBS: Southern U.S. or anywhere warm! 04/02/97 Brenda Strack
Connection for Computers 04/02/97 Carol Weinshel
TECH: Signature for Netscape 04/02/97 Southmont
Tech: Re Type 3 error 04/02/97 ALJ
TARGET: French/English dictionaries on CD/ROM 04/02/97 Cheryl King
Re: Character Counts Booklist 04/02/97 Michael and Lee Ann Messer
Quotation 04/02/97 Patricia Tanner Johnson
Starfish essay and Volcanoes! 04/02/97 Beverly Mathis
GEN:TARGET>Math and the Internet 04/02/97 Mary Jameson
Nacht und Nebel 04/02/97 Laurie Clevenger
HIT> Web Page Guidelines for Students 04/02/97 Union Endicott High School
SEC: Play 04/02/97 Benjamin School Mary Stewart Lewis
Re: Nacht und Nebel 04/02/97 Mary Miner
humor: Another name for librarian 04/02/97 Suby Wallace
HIT: Storage of CD Roms 04/02/97 Suby Wallace
What's New on The Well Connected Educator (fwd) 04/02/97 Mike Eisenberg
Re: Nacht und Nebel 04/02/97 Sally Martinus
Ref: Arab Headgear Meaning 04/02/97 Angus Saunders
Re: ELEM: Assessment of Gifted and Talented (LONG) 04/02/97 Darci Baker
Re: humor: Another name for librarian 04/02/97 Sandra W. Griffith
TARGET: Mem Fox site / info 04/02/97 Our Lady's Christian School
Poe (Missed Channel One Program) 04/02/97 Rubaiyat
Re: Z39.50 04/02/97 Patricia L Clark-Erskine
book search 04/02/97 Patricia L Clark-Erskine
No Subject 04/02/97 Amy Derwin
(3) 6th graders looking for penpals 04/02/97 Amy Derwin
GEN: Computer search stations 04/02/97 Kathy Geronzin
Exercise equipment at home 04/02/97 Ruth Jacobsen
GEN: New library production area 04/02/97 Kathy Geronzin
Re: humor: Another name for librarian 04/02/97 Laura Brown

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