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Thank you to all of you who took the time to reply to my original question.
Your answers were very helpful.

I am finally getting to posting the information I received on how library
cards are used in Media Centers with automatic circulation systems.
        Most of the people who replied are in  Media Centers which have
fixed scheduling.  Many people use Rol-O-Dex cards as library cards.  Most
who use these keep them in boxes at or near the circulation desk and have
them arranged by classroom and in alphabetical order.  Some people use small
plastic baskets that are color coded with the cards for the grade or class.
        When the classes come in, many people spread the cards out on the
desk or a table, have the student pick out their card, use it, then
return it to the
box.  Some people have the students get their cards out of the box
Some cards have been filed with alphabet letter markers in front of each
        If actual Rol-O-Dex cards aren't used, something similar is
Index cards. blank catalog cards, blank business cards,  formica chip samples
and mailing tags have been used.  Many people use pictures on theirs
along with
barcode and student information.
        Another popular way of keeping the cards is to put them in sports card
collecting pages and keep them in a notebook.  When a double page spread
is open,
the cards of an entire class are visible.
        Some schools have the teachers keep their class sets of cards.
        Some other ideas people have for keeping the cards are:  putting
them in
pocket charts by class and students go get their own cards and return
them;  putting
a book pocket for each table on a tagboard sheet for each class, then
students get
their card out, return it, and can also do that when they come
individually; using
blank business cards with a hole punched in each and keeping each class
on a
ring; some have printed student barcodes on a sheet of paper, laminated
it and
put it in a binder; large oaktag sheets with pockets with each child's
name and a
book card sized library card in the pocket.
        Most change all the cards as the grade level changes each year,
but another
idea received is to label each card with the last 2 digits of the
graduating year, so the
cards don't have to be changed.
        Fewer respondents have students who bring their own card to the Media
Center.  Here are those suggestions:  Use mailing tags which are
laminated and have
a hole punched in them with a piece of macrame cord large enough to fit
over the wrist
(primary students keep these in a chart made of book pockets in the
classroom and
older students keep them in their desk with some teachers having book pockets
taped inside their desk to keep it in); laminated cards which the teacher
hands out
to be used as a library pass; bulletin board in classroom with book
takes out card and replaces it when he returns to room.

Sorry for the messy looking message.  I composed it on "Write" and pasted
it.  My computer expertise is somewhat lacking.

Marty Bausack
Carman-Ainsworth Comm. Schls.
Flint, MI

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