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From: shoskins@pen.k12.va.us (Sylvia H. Hoskins)
Subject: Re: GEN Read a book in an hour?
Message-ID: <E3CvKp.36zJ@pen.k12.va.us>
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 00:48:25 GMT
References: <E39BG2.9sC@murdoch.acc.Virginia.EDU>
Organization: Virginia's Public Education Network

We have done this successfully with students.  Each reading
group is given one chapter to read.  Then, beginning with the
group with Chapter 1, they identify setting and characters and
summarize the plot in that chapter.  Then each group follows in
chapter order in much the same way.  The difficulty is in
getting younger students, 4th and 5th, to identify and relate
the important plot elements.  Sometimes they get bogged down in
trying to relate too much detail.  It also works better with
shorter books which have fewer chapters to start with, sones
with simple, easily related plots without too much subplot.

Sylvia Hoskins  "Librarians are ushers through the gateway to knowledge."

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