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Happy 1997!  Here's hoping that this year brings us all good health,
happiness, prosperity and NO budget cuts!!

The Novi Community Schools will be hosting its 2nd Technology Fair in just a
few weeks.  Last year I created a display of greetings from nearly every state
in the U.S. along with several from foreign countries.  It was impressive to
see the far reaching ability of this group!!

During this last year our staff has begun to see the potential usefulness of
the Internet!  It's exciting for me as more and more of them realize just how
far they have come.  I've been very fortunate to be in a school district that
has had a vision for technology and implemented it so well.  Our teachers have
truly come a "long way!"

Please.......... send us your greetings to:  sruddy@fc.novi.k12.mi.us

This year I hope to display greetings from ALL 50 states along with MANY
foreign countries!  I will do the same for you in the future!




                    Novi Community Schools - Novi, Mi 48374
                 Instructional Technology Center 810-449-1260

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