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        Web66:  A K12 World Wide Web Project

        Now Over 6,000 School Web Home Pages!
      Over THREE times as many as one year ago

                                           96 - 97
                1995     1996    1997     Increase

Elementary:       47      618    2424      392%
Secondary        107     1305    3745      286%
Total:           154     1923    6169      320%

1996 brought about more than triple the number of
school web sites around the world.  For complete
statistical and historical information, visit:


Web66 features the Internet's oldest and most comprehensive list
of school web sites.  The Web66 International Registry of School
Web Sites now has over 5,566 school home pages listed.

Over 4,000 Schools in the USA.
Over 2,000 Schools from 60 other countries.
Easy-to-use Clickable Maps
   Australia, Canada, Europe, Japan and the United States

The Web66 site also features a wealth of information to help
your school set up their own Internet site.

Web66 Internet Server Cookbook
  Step-by-step instructions for setting up an Internet server.

Mustang: A Web Cruising Vehicle
  Information to help teachers integrate the use of the
  Internet into the classroom.

Web66 Network Construction Set
  Information to help you understand network principles.

Web66 Mailing List
  A discussion group of educators using the web.

And much more!

Stephen E. Collins  sec@umn.edu

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