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Subject: ELEM: farm books

rom owner-lm_net@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU Thu Jan 2 12:57:43 1997
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 11:36:54 -0600
unit on farm communities and would
like me to find a fiction book depicting current farm life. Any good
        Jennifer M.Lyons                        St. Paul's Academy
        jlyons@oswego.edu                       115 #E. 5th Street
        jwlyons@mailbox.syr.edu                 Oswego, New York 13126
From: Konnie Wightman <konda_wightman@MAIL.LMO.BISMARCK.K12.ND.US>
Subject: Target:  Elementary certified librarians

Happy New Year to all LM_Netters!  I have a question that needs input from
librarians working in elementary libraries.
Our school district has 3 middle schools and 2 high schools each directed
by one LMS and one assistant (part-time in the middle schools).  We have 16
elementary libraries (grades K-6) in which aides work part time.  This is
my second year in the position of "Elementary Library Coordinator".  What
this title really means is that I am the only certified librarian for all
16 elementary libraries.  My position is the first in a five year plan to
hire "additional" certified librarians.  Last year nothing was done, but
this year I have been asked to write a proposal to hire two more certified
librarians to work with me.  My job tasks these last two years have been
mainly to help with an automation project that has been in the making for
several years and finally came to fruition during the past year.  It
involves some training of library staff, getting facilities ready for
hardware and making sure everyone is aware of what's going on.
Additionally, I conduct meetings for all the 16 library assistants,visit
each library once or twice a month, chair the library standing committee
(made up of the secondary librarians), serve on various committees that
plan curriculum or automation, work some with the library assistants on
curriculum planning, and help coordinate ordering in the elementary
libraries.  When I have time I try to find materials that would help the
assistants prepare lessons for teaching library skills, which they pass on
to the teachers.  I have very little time for this, but I feel this is
important.  What I need to know is:
1.  Do any of you have experience working multiple schools?
2.  What job tasks do you assume in each of the schools?
3.  What job tasks do your assistants assume?
4.  Do you have a full time assistant in each school? If not, how much time?
5.  Do you do all the library skills teaching yourself or do you work with
the                                          classroom teachers to do this?

6.  Do you have fixed or flexible schedules? For which grades?
7.  Who is in the library when you are gone? Is it always open?
8.  Do you do all the story, checking-out times, or do the assistants do it?
9.  What do you feel should be the main components of my plan?  Should I
focus     on curriculum planning or library skills teaching, or what?
10.  It looks as though the 3 people would have to divide the schools up by
size, so one or more of us would have charge of 5-6 schools.  Does anyone
have any suggestions for how this could be organized?
11.  Do any of you working in multiple school situations have an overall
director or coordinator and what does that person do?

Any help you can give me on this will be very much appreciated!  Please
send to my e-mail address, or if you have job descriptions you would be
willing to share, I would like to send you a self-addressed, stamped
envelope to receive a copy.  Please indicate in an e-mail message if you
have something to mail to me.  Thanks!

Konnie Wightman
Date: Thu, 2 Jan 1997 13:02:40 -0600
From: Web66 <lm_net@SEC.MICRO.UMN.EDU>
Subject: Re: HyperStudio for DOS/WIN

Responding to the message of <1359914869-1142680156@sec.micro.umn.edu>
from     noj868tg@weber.k12.ut.US:
> I've been told that HyperStudio is available on the Windows platform.
>  I can't seem to spot it in the software catalogs.

Yes, it is available.  See:  http://www.rwp.com/

We have it, it seems to work well, but we haven't put it into
production yet.

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