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I want to do a lesson with my K-1's using Louie Armstrong's "Wonderful
World" song.  I have song, and an illustrated book of the song called "What
a Wonderful World."  I also plan to have children do an art project.  Here's
the question.  I want to use a simple, picture, biography of Louis
Armstrong.  Went to local bookstore and got the following list.  Anyone
familiar with any of these titles and could recommend?

Louis Armstong                  Woog, Adam
Little Louis & the Jazz Band    Medearis, A.
Louis Armstrong: Singing        Brown, S.
Louis Armstrong: Swinging       Brown, S.
Louis Armstrong: Jazz Musician  McKissack, P.
Louis Armstrong: Musician       Tanenhaus, S.
Louis Armstrong: An American..  Collier, J.

Thanks for any assistance.
Judy Seck                       jseck@lsd.k12.mi.us
Willow Elementary School        1012 West Willow
Lansing, MI  48915              (517) 325-7348 (phone/fax)

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