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I was excited when I got the January issue of the Middle School Journal.
The whole issue is dedicated to "Creating Literate Environments."  I read
some before dinner and just finished the whole thing.  There were some
general good ideas but there was little, if any, mention of the library or
the role of the media specialist.  The articles were written by college
professors, a doctoral student, and one "former middle school teacher."
Don't the people at colleges get out and see what is happening at schools.
If they have been to several schools recently they should have run across
at least one dynamic person and media center.  It kind of was a like a
slap in the face to all the hard working people in the media centers.  Oh
well, enough my my frustration.

Frederick Muller,      Halsted Middle School Library
Librarian              59 Halsted Street               voice (201) 383-7554
fmuller@planet.net     Newton, NJ  07860                 FAX (201) 383-7432

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