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<< Date:    Wed, 1 Jan 1997 04:00:34 -0500
 From:    Mariagnes Moran <JIMMARI@AOL.COM>
 Subject: Intro computers in libraries class

 I will be teaching a class called: "Introduction to the Use of Computers in
 Libraries" starting January 11. 1997.  I am trying to develop the course
 scratch.  My students are Chicago elementary and secondary school teachers
 and librarians in a Masters Degree program.  There is so much to cover that
 am having trouble prioritizing what needs to be addressed in this class.  If
 you know of any such class or anyone who can help me, please have them
 contact me by e-mail or snail mail.  Mariagnes Moran, 817 Palm Drive,
 Glenwood, Illinois, 60425 1-708-756-7285. >>

 Mariagnes and all,

I have been working on just such a course.  I am teaching a course titled,
Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum.  Right now I offer it across
the Internet which requires teachers and librarians to USE the Internet as
their learning tool.  They use e-mail as well as the WWW.  I have a VERY
rough web page set up which connects the teachers to the <best> sites.  I set
up a listserv and then have each teacher or librarian sign on to the
listserv, then once a week for 4 weeks, I send a discussion question.  They
have a week to respond to the question and to each others' responses.  I am
setting up the course as a Staff Development program which I then offer to
schools in the area as well as individuals who wish to take it via distance
education.  If you are interested in the rough outline of the course, I am
happy to share.  If anyone is interested in taking the course, I am happy to
send syllabus and graduate credit information.  I do believe the key is that
teachers and librarians understand information literacy and the process
approach models to information problem solving such as The Big Six by
Eisenberg and Berkowitz, Kuhlthau's model, FLIP it by Alice Yucht, and
Marjorie Pappas/Anne Tepe's Model written for Follet.  Please e-mail me
directly if you want more information.

Tami Little

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