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Sally:  I love reading what you write in LM_NET!  I saved your messages
and read them tonight (not enough time before the hlidays).  The tips
from the other media specialists were great.  So far this year I've had
only one no-show -- she's consistent with not coming.  It's for L.A. Book
Exchange.  She's a 2nd year teacher, new to our school this year and she
got married over Thanksgiving break.  I think she has other things on her
mind.  Because I don't often deal with tthe book exchange (the media aide
usually handles all of it because of the number of research groups) it
doesn't seem that I even notice it.  However, it gives thte media aide
some unexpected breathing room.  Sorry about the typos.  Pine is
incredibly slow tonight.  Talk to you soon.

Mary Jo Richmond

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