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Sally Rathbun wrote:
>I am doing a workshop on creative uses of childrens literature and stories
>for teachers, kdg-3rd grade next Tuesday and would like to include some
>current web sites of interest.
>Sally Rathbun                            rathbun@tenet.edu
>Ore City I.S.D. Library                  phone: 903-968-3300
>P. O. Box 100                            fax:   903-968-3797
>Ore City, Texas 75605
>Dear Sally and others,
  Here is a collection of web sites for English teachers and librarians.
Many are "children's literature" sites.

Classroom Resources by Subject Area: English Language Arts

National Council of Teachers of English has a rich site, which includes
Internet resources for teachers.

The Children's Literature Web Guide, from the University of Calgary
(Canada), has gathered information
related to literature for children and young adults. This site has to be
seen to be believed!  In my opinion,
it is one of the best sites on the Internet for teachers.

Kay Vandergrift, a faculty member at the Rutgerse School of Information and
Library Science, has a page
with info and links to literature and children's literature sites, women's
studies, and resources for those
working with children and young people. This is a unique site and worth

Bibliographies of children's literature, for adults, with annotations, from

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site offers bibliographies with reviews
and hints for teaching. This is a
wonderful site!  http://www.crocker.com/~rebotis/

A wonderful set of links to poetry, drama,  fairy tales, children's
writings,  children's authors, and more,
from KidsWeb.  http://www.npac.syr.edu/textbook/kidsweb/literature.html

The Internet Public Library provides an Ask the (Children's) Author service.
You can also find
biographical information as well as read earlier questions and answers.

Karen M . Potter has designed and made available "Building Blocks for
Reading," for primary schoolers.
Here are learning activites, as well as links to other sites.

Complete works of Shakespeare, keyword searchable, is available at M.I.T.

An amazing collection of texts ranging from Bartlett's Quotations
(searchable) through Euripides, Dante,
and Oscar Wilde, from Berkeley Digital Library.

Searchable database of American verse prior to 1920 is an offering of the
American Verse Project of the
Univ. of Michigan.'s Humanities Text Initiative.

From the Purdue University Writing Lab, free online advice, and online
handouts about grammar, ESL
questions, citations, research using the Internet, and much more. A
wonderful resource.

From Edunet International, an extensive online guide to English grammar by
Anthony Hughes. Use the
table of contents, or use a keyword search. There are also a question and
answer service and exercises.

KidPub offers space for kids to publish their works, individually or as
classes. From En-Garde [sic]
Technical Communication.  http://escrime.en-garde.com/kidpub/

Middlezine, an online magazine publishing the best middle school literature,
is a treat! Read some
selections; discover how to submit work!

Links to review sources, publishers, and library pages for literature for
young readers, from Bookwire.

Reviews of children's literature are indexed and searchable in Childrens
Literature: A Guide to the
Criticism, offered by Linnea Hendricksen, librarian and former professor.
This is a scholarly work.

Storytelling resources on the web lists storytelling organizations and
festivals, links to collections of
stories from all over the world, links to pages of individual storytellers,
and info for storytellers.  From
Sherri Johnson, Swarthmore College Computing Center.

The Alan Homepage, a special interest group of the NCTE, offers The Alan
Review, which contains
articles on and reviews of young adult literature. The Review is searchable.

The Windowsill offers children's book reviews and bibliographies of best
books and special topics,
including Jewish culture, multiracial families, and gay and lesbian themes.

Inkspot provides loads of information and advice for beginning...and

Book reviews for books for kids K-12 by kids K-12.  Read reviews and submit
reviews; see what books are
awaiting reviews.  From Book Nook. http://i-site.on.ca/booknook.html

Literature Resources for the High School and College Student includes links
to info about authors, literary
works, indexes, criticism, and much more.  A wonderful comprehensive page.

>I am doing a workshop on creative uses of childrens literature and stories
>for teachers, kdg-3rd grade next Tuesday and would like to include some
>current web sites of interest.  I have the ultimate public library's
>author faq, but would like any other favorites. TIA, sally
>Sally Rathbun                            rathbun@tenet.edu
>Ore City I.S.D. Library                  phone: 903-968-3300
>P. O. Box 100                            fax:   903-968-3797
>Ore City, Texas 75605

Ellen Berne
Library Director, The Winsor School  Pilgrim Road  Boston MA 02215
Co-Manager, ISED-L
Instructor, Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science

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