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        RATTLE the JANUARY blues...
                ROLL into the NEW Year!

Here's your PASSPORT to real world science adventure!

     /     \
    | O _ O |
    /  \_/  \            >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  .' /     \ `.          PLEASE JOIN US!
 / _|       |_ \         <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
(_/ |       | \_)
    \       /
   ~;/     \;~


*Experience "real science, real scientists, real locations,
real time" by connecting students with scientific frontiers
via Interactive Television and On-line Networks...

                LIVE FROM ANTARCTICA 2

        The marine biology of Antarctica including
                baby penguins, seals, sea birds, and whales.
        Palmer Peninsula, Torgerson Island, Humble and
                Dream Island to study Adelie Penguins and
                skuas and study the interaction of
                ice and weather while discovering the secrets
                of survival
        Interactions with researchers at Earth's most
                remote research laboratory for marine biology
                and global climate change
        Travel aboard the Research Vessel, Polar Duke,
                across the Drake Passage and through the
                roughest waters on Earth
        The most spectacular scenery on Earth's most
                        remote continent

WHO:  Targeted at Middle School-Aged Students with
      activities appropriate for elementary-high school

WHEN: January through March, 1997

WHAT: Three *LIVE* hour long telecasts (January 23, 30,
                & February 6) FREELY accessible on NASA-TV
                and many PBS stations around the country
      On-line WWW resources (including image, text,
                student gallery) at:
      64 page Teacher's Guide with hands-on curriculum
                materials and Kit available for minimal cost
      E-Mail discussion forum for educators
      E-Mail On-line Newsletters distributed weekly
      Researcher Q & A -student questions answered by
      Field Journals provide personal perspective on living
                and working in Antarctica
      And much more!

For information on participating, send an e-mail
to Jan Wee, Education Outreach Coordinator at
<jwee@mail.arc.nasa.gov> or visit our web site at
http://quest.arc.nasa.gov/antarctica for more details.

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