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Is anyone aware of programs on CD, video, etc. that covers key lessons in
the various math areas, key lessons in science, grammar, etc. that could
be used by students to "catch up" after absences, for homebound students,
for review, etc.?
If it were a program that is interactive, or that used in a "dial in"
situation from home to school that would be perfect.
We have such an absence problem in our high school that we are searching
for solutions.  Thanks so much for any help or suggestions that you can

Kathy Schaub                        Librarian
kschaub@panesu.esu14.k12.ne.us      Scottsbluff High School
Bs. Phone 308-635-6246              313 East 27th Street
Fax 308-635-6240                    Scottsbluff, NE 69361

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