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I prefer Microsoft Office to Works, because Office has immediate spell
checking - red squiggly lines appear with any typo or misspelling. Also,
the ability to do tables and grids is more intuitive. Office also has
PowerPoint which is easily learned, a good program for presentations.
Office Pro is different than the regular Office, as it has Access, a
relational database. Be sure to buy, if you choose this, the educational
bundle as the prices are vastly different for educational institutions
than for other institutions. Also, the manuals SHOULD come with the licenses.
I work with a computer company which does this line of work as well as other
consultations, and I also teach still. On the other hand, I have been at
conferences where the CEO's say they are buying from other software
companies just so not to give Bill Gate ALL their money!!!Usually they
are referring to their choice of Netscape over IE3...
Joy Hogg
Joy Hogg, St. Ann School, Cadillac MI

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