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I, too, have used both Hyperstudio and PowerPoint. PowerPoint is great
for cranking out businesslike presentations, but if you are not careful
they all start looking the same. You have to try to look creative to
disguise the PowerPoint look, but it is easy, intuitive and with a little
effort you can look very original. I have used HyperStudio with students,
and they are ALWAYS very creative with it. One youngster did a job
shadowing report on dentistry and had the pages open as a giant mouth
with teeth, and the page said "ahhhh". I did, however, have technical
problems with the colors changing on us in Hyperstudio, and some
freezing. I have not yet reinstalled it at school, but if it works
properly I would prefer Hyperstudio for its creative, individualistic look.
At my other job with the computer company, I prefer PowerPoint.
Joy Hogg
Joy Hogg, St. Ann School, Cadillac MI

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