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Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us, Alice. Having been on both
sides, I can say for one....I am ready to go back to the school.

The attitude, even the difference in the way the two listservs (LM_Net and
PUBYAC), is run is day and night. School libraries are there to teach
children the love of books and research and how to find what they need.
Public libraries seem to be open to let people come in.  I find LM_Net more
offering of info and PUBYAC more giving of info -- if that difference makes
any sense to you. School Libs are proactive where pub libs are reactive,

As a school librarian, I foud myself out there helping and volunteering
info and training a lot more than in the public lib where I have to let
people come to me if they want help.

I think a lot of the sourness I read in the people who want the school
libraries left open for homework is the same frustration I feel. Our
library is a good quiet productive place to be from 10 AM to 3 PM. At that
time, the schools in our area are released and the students come to the
library to wait until their parent sget off work. We have to stop what we
need to do and become free babyasitters for parent s who don't realize what
is happening and don't care.The kidsdon't sit down and read or study - they
have been doing that all day - they are bored, they are uncooperative and
sometimes downright nasty. But they know we cannot do anything about it.
Our regular patrons all leave before 3 because they know what will happen.
We have approached parents, the schools and the Catholic schools....all of
them said its your problem, deal with it!! We have no money for programs,
no staff  to assist, no training offered and budget cuts up to our
ears....what's to do?

Anyone else with both experiences on LM_Net???

Slainte! Guam is 15 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time --
Living' in the future -- ain't Life grand!

T. K. Cassidy - Children's Librarian /// Guam Public Library
                             Resident Writer, Storyteller & FINALLY
published author!! :-)

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