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At 04:55 PM 1/4/97 -0500, Alice Yucht wrote:
> (Note: I am NOT on the public listserv, and I have no
>connection with either of the two individuals responsible for the comments
>posted.)  I do, however, think WE should be aware of the attitudes some of
>our fellow librarians espouse.
>Alice H. Yucht
> (Would you like to work
> in a school building all by yourself, at night?)
 Don't knock it until you try it.  Some of my most productive hours are
between 8pm and 2 am.  No kids , no adminstrators and no distractions.
 The only thing I don't like is the lifesize statue of Jesus with the glass
eyes (they have a tendenecy to glow in the dark)  and when the Ghostly
Basketball player starts bouncing his ball down the court to the library
wall and starts back again.

> >Then JAMES B. CASEY replied:
>I honestly think that too many public school librarians
>are so contented with the M-F 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM hours,
>the 9 month year which is studded with holidays, and
>the relatively high paychecks,

they haven't seen mine  I worked it out once .  I get 47 cents per child
per class period

 > As a brief P.S., the notion of school libraries staying
>open during late afternoons, evenings and weekend hours
>should only come to pass if proper funding were provided
>by the school districts so that no librarian would have
>to work beyond an 8 hour or 7.5 hour day.

        Will all those School Librarians who only work a 8 hour day
stand up.  Most professions don't understand the amount of non paid
time that school librarians spend on their jobs.  This includes our hoilday
studded school year and our fabulous 3 month vacation.  This guy needs a
reality check

Victoria Rubottom
Sacred Heart School
                                start the New year
                                crash your windows

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