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I confess: I've worked in both public and school libraries, too.
For that matter, I've also worked in academic and special libraries,
and TK's comment about the proactive vs. reactive professionalism is
absolutely true:
school and business librarians tend to be much more proactive in working
with our particular clienteles.  I suspect it's because there's more of an
opportunity AND A PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY to go to people and say:
"Look what we just got that you will want to use!"
Of course, as a public children's librarian I got to do all my professional
on the job (during those quiet hours on the desk, you know),
a luxury that few school librarians ever have.
OTOH, I frequently had to remind the "adult" librarians that I could have
just as valid ideas about library policy as they did: just because I *worked*

in the children's room didn't mean I thought like a child.

32 years in the field, and I still prefer working in a school:
for the opportunities to use all my skills and abilities, which is more
important to me than the hours.

Alice H. Yucht,   dba *Alice'n InfoLand*
Library Management / Information Skills Consultant
141 North 7th Avenue
Highland Park, NJ 08904

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