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I quite agree with Betty about never being able to sit and  read  during school
time -- indeed to file catalog  cards, type book cards, run off catalog
cards (we do our own) or perform the many other  duties that running a
library entails. The stack of books waiting to be read in my kitchen
attests to this.

Teachers do seem to think that if you are not seeing a class then you are
not working.  One piece of information I passed early on to classroom
teachers , is that I had been a teacher for a number of years and that
running a library may not mean standing in front of a class all day, but
it DOES mean working hard all day before that class even comes into the
library and taking home what I can to do in the evening. Not that I would
want to go back to the classroom.  I truly do believe that being a school
librarian is the greatest job, and so should we all.

Janet Rawdon
Newton MA

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