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>As for late afternoon or evening hours - some teacher librarians are
>prohibited by  teacher union contracts from performing any extra duites
>that involve more than the usual time IN THE SCHOOL.

Please don't use this as a reason for NOT working extra hours in the
schools.  The union contract only protects our time not prohibits it -- or
at least that is how most contracts are written.  And being professional is
not working for nothing.  I am an 8 to 4 person; and the district gets
their money's worth.  But the rest of the day is mine.  Now if the district
wished to negotiate flexible work hours, say 10-6, I could deal with a
variance.  But since I have to show up at the same time other staff members
do, I will opt to leave at the end of the standard work day, if I wish.
Sometimes I choose to stay for a meeting, catch up on work, even invite
parents in for early morning check-out.  But until the district values the
extra hours enough to pay the going price I will continue to choose what
and how and when I spend MY time.  Don't you suppose the early sweat shop
employees were told that long hours at no more pay was good for them (after
all they got to keep a job).

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