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Thanks for all the lovely and warm librarians around and give so much
support and idea on my future talk. All of the ideas are creative and give
me more to think and work on. Anyway, I post this HIT to attract more ideas
to come.

Hope to post a second HIT! Please give mail to me if you have any other


From: Fred Muller  Newton <fmuller@saturn.planet.net>
Subject: Re: Image! Impression! Vision!

I gave a convention workshop entitled "Let them know you're there".
Things covered:
   1. Do a monthly report to administration
   2. Do a monthly newsletters to staff
   3. Post things around the building such as telling books which match
movies which are in theatres or on TV
   4. Be visable - attend sporting events, concerts, dances, etc.

Those are just a few things.

Frederick Muller,      Halsted Middle School Library
Librarian              59 Halsted Street          voice (201) 383-7440 x228
fmuller@planet.net     Newton, NJ  07860                 FAX (201) 383-7432


From: Dana Buchanan <dbuchana@mail.win.org>
Subject: Re: Image! Impression! Vision!

        Making an Impression is getting the needed information to the
teacher when they need it.  This is my seconde year working as a
teacher-librarian.  During my first year, I learned that the teachers did
not know what was available in the library--even though new books were on
display, bibliography were made, and list were sent to every teacher and
        This year I decided to have a "Bagels and Book browsing" in the
library.  Teachers were given a special invitation to attend on a given
morning.  While teachers were enjoying their bagels and coffee, they
could browse the new books that were displayed on the tables by grade
levels or types.  Next, I made a point to speak with each teacher, I
asked what they were doing in their classes for the next couple of weeks,
and I made suggestions of books, kits, videos, ect. that may help them.
Some teachers noticed books that they wanted to use for Black History
Month. I wrote their names and interests on a sheet.  Black History was 3
monthes away.  You should have seen their eyes when I gave them (already
checked-out) a copy of the book they at the meeting, as well as a list of
other related material.  Now teachers are coming to me for information
instead of me sort of listening in on conversations.
        I also make lists or suggest videos anytime they request certain


From: jeffkirk@sni.net (JeffKirkpatrick)
Subject: Re: Image! Impression! Vision!

        Regarding marketing, I trust this will serve... .

                                    Ex Libris

        The society that trusts itself shares.
        The society that trusts itself trusts its members.
        The society that trusts itself genuinely prospers.
        The society that trusts itself is exponentially greater than the
sum of its parts.
        The society that trusts itself is only as great as each individual part.
        The society that trusts itself endures.
        The society that trusts itself fails, yet never fails.
        The society that trusts itself embraces failure, diversity and
seeming dichotomies as healthy, trustworthy, necessary and good.
        The society that trusts itself needs and warrants no judgment from
        The society that trusts itself is free to remake itself, again and
again, and will never die.
        The society that trusts itself gives of itself, freely, eagerly,
joyously, fearlessly, unreservedly--necessarily.
        The society that trusts itself TRUSTS itself.
        There is no alternative.

        A group of individuals which elects not to trust themselves elects
not to be, or to have, a society.
        As a library and a society is, by definition, two or more people
sharing in trust, any individual who elects not to establish, support and
maintain libraries elects not to support society, or oneself.
        One may not defend libraries any more than one may defend society.
But then one need not defend the necessary.  One either supports libraries
and society--thus oneself--or one undermines all.  Simply.
         I bid you welcome.  We will share in trust.  Joyously I thank you
for your trust, your giving, your support, your unique self.
        Thus do we have a library, you and I.
        Take care.

        The individual or institution which fails to honor and support
viable libraries is simply not credible.  For, a library, as a society, is
people, sharing in trust, for their mutual benefit and edification.  The
naive who fail libraries fail themselves.
        'Nuff said.
Jeffrey E. Kirkpatrick, teacher/learner


From: Lynn McCree <lmcc@tenet.edu>
To: "Michael Ming, Hung" <mmhung@hkein.school.net.hk>
Subject: Re: Image! Impression! Vision!

I just remember an old ALA slogan, "Promote yourself."  I think this is
anathema to most librarians who are quietly service oriented, but I think
it must be done via newsletters, videos, appearances before school boards
etc.  Several librarians in our district personally invited school board
members to a breakfast where brief facts from Information Power were given.
It was an effective way to get to know them and to present the information.
I like your topic.

Lynn McCree, Librarian
Martin Junior High
Austin, Texas


To: "Michael Ming, Hung" <mmhung@hkein.school.net.hk>
From: Mark Williams <mark_williams@eee.org>
Subject: Re: Image! Impression! Vision!

Two things come immediately to mind....

A newsletter done regularly to highlight what is new in the library, what
you are doing, etc.  Be SURE this goes to everyone on campus, secretaries,
custodians, counselors, administrators, EVERYone.  Do forget District
administration as well, also community people, public library, etc.

Select a color for all library publications, flyers, bulletins, etc.  Use
this color paper for all things library so that color becomes fixed in
people's minds as 'library'.

Good luck with your presentation (love the title -- may I steal?!)  Do post
a hit when you can.
Mark Williams
Colton High School


From: Fay <yao@apsicc.aps.edu>
Reply-To: yao@apsicc.aps.edu
To: mmhung@hkein.school.net.hk
Subject: RE: Image, Impression, Vision

I can say it in three ways - Services, Sacrifice, and Speak Up!
Services - provide as much as you can and then some more.....
           it really doesn't matter what, they want more.
Sacrifice - provide them what they want whenever they want it
           even if it means doing it at your own time. Especially
           as a school librarian, you may have to teach classes during
           your prep period, work through lunch, and have the library
           opened before and after school - all without compensation!
Speak Up - whatever you do, make sure people know of your efforts
           or they'll take you for granted, as if it is "your job"
           to take care of them anyway.

I don't mean to come across as being cynical. This, my friend, is
the real world.

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