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  OK, here's one for the Civil War buffs.  I had a student come in today
asking about the woman who gave water to the Civil War soldiers -- (Molly
Pitcher -- Revolutional War?????)   NO -- Civil War.
   The only thing I could even come close to was a woman mentioned in
Harry Turtledove's book  "The Guns of the South".  His woman soldier was
based (according to his postscript) on Mollie Bean who served with the
47th North Carolina regiment. "She was, the Richmond Whig of February 20,
1865, tells us (as cited in North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roser),
picked up in uniform not far from Richmond on the night of February 17 and
sent into the city for questioning...........she said she had been with
the regiment for 2 years and wounded twice........
   Does anyone have any additional information on Mollie or another woman
who wore men's clothing and served in the Civil War.

   With gender equality, etc, being in the news now, I will gladly forward
any information I find.  This might make a nice addition to some Civil War
pages (I haven't found any information on the one's I looked at today)
   TIA          Shirley

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