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HotList Updated: January 28, 1997

***** SITE ADDRESS *****

49 new sites have been added to this update, and more sites
are being added!

Since I am receiving a large number of sites to be added, I
will be posting shorter updates more often.  This will  enable
schools/districts to get their site posted more quickly.

New sites will added to the HotList every 3-5 days.  You will
be notified when your site has been included in an update.

Thanks to all who contributed to this week's update with new
addresses, corrections, comments, suggestions, etc.

* All sites have been checked.  Broken links, inactive
  sites... are indicated with a ? button.

* If you can provide any info on these sites, please let me
  know.  Sites will be updated as soon as I receive the info.

Each state home page now includes K-12 schools, school
districts, state department of education, and a link to the
state homepage.

A link has been setup on each K-12 state school home page for
the addition of a new site(s) and/or the updating of a listed

Updates to listed sites will be made as I receive them.

Community/Private/K-12 Inclusive schools are listed under school
districts since they do not have a breakdown by elem, mid/jrhi,
high school.

Please keep in mind that some of these sites may have just come online.
Just be patient and/or just keep checking.

As always, comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome! :)



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