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>In order to fulfill library media certification requirements, I am
>seeking a six-week summer internship in a year-round school in
>California.  To meet certification, the internship must be served with
>a librarian with a masters degree from an ALA accredited school. I am
>a 26-year masters level teacher currently teaching
>math/internet/library skills to middle school students.  I received a
>second masters degree, in library science (MLS), from Clarion
>University of Pennsylvania in 1995.
>If you are interested in a mutually-beneficial internship, please
>e-mail me at ssusd3.ridgecrest.ca.us or call or write me at
>619-446-7283, 525 W. Sydnor Ave., Ridgecrest, CA 93555.  If e-mail is
>returned try inserting owens. after the @ sign.
>Jack L. Clark

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