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My local tech support company hasn't gotten back to me yet--the owner
recently had surgery.  My digging has found that it is:

Keytronic Mouse  (actually made by Honeywell I think).  I found them in the
MicroSystems Warehouse catalog (p . 57 in the catalog I have).

Their listing is :

Mouse: 2/3 button serial and PS/2.  This unique mouse runs on patented
motion-detecting feet instead of a tracking ball, delivering smooth and
accurate operation.  Sealed feet prevent dust from getting inside and four
glide pads let it slide on any surface.

$39.95   Ph. 1-800-660-3222

It is more expensive than cheap mice, but replacing a ball or two, and the
hassle makes it worthwhile.

Other companies may offer them as well, although I did not find them in
several of my catalogs.  I did find a www site by using Alta Vista and
"Keytronic mouse".  I'll try to post that tomorrow.  Left it at school
tonight as I left in a hurry after P-T conferences.  We're in the midst of
snow and drifting, so staff were forming a caravan to be sure we all got
through the first 4 miles of drift-prone roads.

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