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We are planning our first author visit.  The author charges $1500 per day
for the visit so we are trying to minimize expenses and share her with
another school.  The media coordinator from the other school called me and
said she was getting some flack from some parents who thought the price for
the author was too high.  Since this is my first experience paying for an
author visit, I though perhaps I could get some feedback from my Internet
colleagues.  Do you think this is too high a fee?  (She will be doing a
session at each school to as many classes and parents as we can fit into the
room.)  And for those of you more experienced in this type of thing--is this
price low, high, or average for what you have had to pay?  TIA for your
expertise and time!

Anne Akers
Media Coordinator
Pleasant Union Elementary
Raleigh, NC  27614

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