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Dear LM_Netters,

This survey announcement is being posted with the permission of the LM_NET

At the 1996 ALA annual conference, the SSIRT (Support Staff Interest Round
Table) Executive Board gave their approval to a strategic planning process.
The process called for the formation of a Strategic Planning Process
Steering Committee whose charge was to identify a full range of library
support staff issues.

Steering Committee members included:

* Sara Stichert, Library Services Assistant Sr., UW-Oshkosh (WI)
* Ed Martinez, Public Access Librarian, El Camino College (CA)
* Nancy Leighton, Library Assistant, Bay High School (OH)
* Barbara Royer, McNeese State University Library (LA)
* Stephany Liptak, Orders Supervisor and Library Technician II,  University
of Southern Colorado Library
* Dorothy Morgan, Business Manager, Liverpool Public Library (NY) * Martha
Parsons, Washington State and ex-oficio member
* Jim Hill, President, ALA SSIRT, Auraria Library, University of Colorado
at Denver

The American Library Association Support Staff Interests Round Table is
conducting a brief survey to determine the predominant issues facing the
library support staff community. The results will be used to help
facilitate short and long-term ALA SSIRT strategic planning. You do NOT
have to be a member of ALA or SSIRT in order to complete this survey.
LIBRARY SUPPORT STAFF input is sought and appreciated. The survey should
take less than 5 minutes to complete. Preliminary findings of the survey
will be discussed at the ALA Midwinter Conference. Results will be
tabulated until May 30.

There are 3 ways to access and complete the survey. Please READ instructions

1. Via the LSSRC web site

There are two versions of the survey on the Library Support Staff Resource
Center web page. Your responses will remain anonymous.

Forms/Table Version

Text Version (use to print out and mail)

2. By completing a paper copy of the survey.

Requests for a paper copy of the survey should be sent to Jim Hill at:

        Mail to:  Jim Hill, 474 Logan, Denver, Colo 80203
        Fax to: Jim Hill at (303) 556-3528

3. Via email:

Realizing that not everybody on this list has access to the world wide web,
you may respond to this survey by email.  To ensure anonymity (if desired),
please do not add your signature file when responding. Email headers will
be stripped from all results received.

        Email <jhill@castle.cudenver.edu>

Note: Do NOT respond to the list! Please email responses to Jim Hill at

The Steering Committee would appreciate it if you would share this with
your support staff.


Nancy Leighton                  email:  nleighton@stratos.net
Library Assistant                       nleigh@leeca8.leeca.ohio.gov
Bay High School                 Voice: (216) 899 5842
29230 Wolf Road                 Fax:   (216) 899 5840
Bay Village, Ohio 44140

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