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You may wish to check the movie "Seperate but Equal" about the Brown v.
Brown case.  In this movie Sidney pottier plays Thurgood Marshall.

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Mark Williams wrote:

> Well, I give up!  I've searched everything I cna think of, both print and
> electronic and I come up dry on this one.  Do any of you out there deal with
> constitutional law and know where I might look for the answer to this one?
> The question:
> A teacher has asked me to look up a quote, supposedly used by Thurgood
> Marshall in arguing Brown v. Board of Education before the Supreme Court.
> The quote is from a speech Thaddeus Stevens gave to Congress.  The teacher
> thnks that the speech was given in 1838, but I think this can't be correct,
> since the quote is supposed to deal with racial equality and the 14th
> amendment.  Any sources I access show either summaries of the decision,
> historical background on the decision, or the complete text of the decision,
> but not arguments or opening statements, which is where the quote was
> apparently used.
> I've also tried Bartlett's, Stevenson's, Oxford Book of Quotations -- have
> nothing by T. Stevens, so that idea is shot.  I need a date the speech was
> given to be able to search Congressional Record, and as I said, the date is
> questionable. (Don'tcha love it?!)
> Any ideas?
> TIA!
> Mark WIlliams
> Librarian
> Colton High School
> Mark Williams
> Librarian
> Colton High School
> <mark_williams@eee.org>

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