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I'll try this again and if I get enough responses I will post a hit.

We are wondering if any schools or districts have policies or procedures
that address and direct the publishing of webpages by their staff and/or
students?  Is there a building or district oversight group to review the
sites and approve them?  Are there guidlines, other than AUPs that any
schools/districts have developed?  How are others monitoring what is
published and the links that are made (or is anyone monitoring this at

The Duke of York

%        John York, Library Media Specialist                                %
%        Flathead High School Library                                       %
%        644 4th Ave. West                                                  %
%        Kalispell, MT 59901                                                %
%        Voice - 406-756-4504 / FAX - 406-756-4595                          %
%        E-Mail - fhslmc@digisys.net (John York)                            %

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