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We are soon to send our library-wide networked resources out to the
school-wide network, so they will be accessible from classrooms and
computer workrooms, and eventually from home.  This is good.  But my
question, for those who have done this, is how does this affect your
approach to library skills instruction?  Seems odd to have these
resources being accessed away from our watchful eyes--usually we can
tell if students are having trouble finding what they need, or at
least we're immediatly available if they don't.  I'm worried they'll
search, find nothing, and of course conclude that there isn't
anything on their topic.  I am also aware that this could simply be
paranoia, a presentation of the worry that they don't really need us
at all--just look it up on their own and from a remote place.  If
this works, this is exactly what we want--for information to be
easily accessible from all over the place.  I'm just trying to
anticipate any differences in HOW the information is accessed.

Please let me know how you introduced remote access of your
resources, and if there were any changes you had to make in your
skills instruction.  Also, what were the technological angles, if
they affected you (I would be the one to remap the workstations, etc.

Thanks for the information--I am always so impressed with the scope
of knowledge and experience represented by the members of this group.
Shannon Acedo
Assistant Librarian
Marlborough School
Los Angeles CA

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