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Monday I wrote of my concern about Follett's new Windows version.
This morning I received a call from Steve Siegel, the Director of
Product Management at Follett. He was concerned that I implied that
there would be no support for the DOS version once Windows came out. I
hope I had made myself clear that I had already heard that they would
support the program indefinately, but that no new versions would come
out after the one being mailed in February.

Steve confirmed that this was true, that this will be the last version.
However he also said that if there is a design fault, if the program is
not operating as it was designed, they will fix it and send out new
disks. That is good news. So those of us with DOS can keep it as long as
we wish.

Yes, the cost for the new Windows program will be $1000 this year, and
probably the price will go up as prices usually do. Follett is very
aware of the feeling among librarians that this is very costly, but this
is not really an upgrade, but an entirely new program.

If you still feel strongly about this issue, of course feel free to
write to Steve or Chuck Follett. I feel more comfortable, even though I
would not want, nor could I afford, the new program for several years.

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