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My apologies for posting this to the entire list.  I originally sent it to
Joanne Proctor, but it bounced back with "delivery problems."


If you have Wilson CD-ROM discs in your library (or if the teacher has access
to either Wilson discs or ERIC discs) you can check it that way.

I'm assuming this is in the education area; if not, you may still be able to
use the Wilsons, but might not be able to use the ERIC.

For Wilsons:
    Select Education Index.
    Go to "multiple term search"
    On multiple term search screen, enter major title words, journal title, and
publication year (and author [last name comma space first name] if you have it)
    Press end and enter
    If the journal is one that is indexed by Education Index and the date is
withing the scope of the CD-ROM, it will come up.

For ERIC:  (actual instructions depend on which CD-ROM version it is; these are
for NISC version)
    At entry screen, press space bar to move to advanced level search
    Under keywords, type in major title words
    Arrow down to "journal" (or publication, I can't remember which) and type
in journal title.
    Arrow down to "publication year" and enter year of journal
    If you have an author's name, type the last name on the author line.
    Press enter
If the journal title is indexed by ERIC, it will come up.

You may want to try searching one of the ERIC online systems if it's a recent
article.  Look for "AskERIC" (LM_NET is part of the same group.)

Hope this helps.


Barbara Herbert   <herbert@georgian.edu>
Georgian Court College
Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697

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