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This is a hit, sort of. I got many requests for anything I found out. So,
here it is. The software is called Snag-It. There were, I understand, some
concern about violating the students' privacy. I did an internet search
and discovered that Snag-it has been sold, merged, somethinged with
Purview, which is a network administrator's program. You can reach their
site at http://www.purview.com. They have a demo download available.

Concerning the student's privacy. I wonder if a statement is included in
your AUP that internet access can be monitored, sort of like the software
technical support numbers often say that this call may be monitored to
ensure quality. At this point my school board allows no internet access
for our students. They won't consider an AUP--nothing! I'm hoping that
maybe this will relax them enough so they will let the students use this
valuable resource. We are not preparing our students for the real world of
the future, but the board is so afraid of what's OUT THERE that they have
locked the door. Okay, I've blown off my steam. Thanks for listening.
Nancy Reed
St. Mary Middle/High School
1243 Elmdale Road
Paducah, KY 42003

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