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The "latest" thing in reading instruction, according to some of our
district's reading teachers is "Leveled Books."  One reading teacher has
even said that the books in the library "must" be marked on the spines with
these levels.

At this point, I am very much opposed to doing this for many reasons, some
of which are: 1) the library is not a reading laboratory but provides all
sorts of materials on many levels with free access; 2) most students love
non-fiction and choose books way above their reading level, but
nevertheless benefit from the illustrations; 3) how are these levels
assigned, i.e. Beatrix Potter? with very sophisticated language, but adored
even by toddlers.  I'm not so concerned about the huge job of work this
would make, but more concerned about the philosophy of yet another trend.

I would appreciate input from others, and if I am out of step, I'll keep an
open mind.

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