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Hi!  I'm trying to help out a teacher who's taking a Children's Lit class.
She's trying to write an Author's study on Audrey Wood (of Don and Audrey Wood
fame - _Piggies_, _King Bidgood's in the Bathtub_, _Silly Sally_, ...).
Anyplace you would suggest looking, besides the obvious (Something About the
Author, etc...)?  We were on the 'Net this afternoon and it didn't produce much.
Any and ALL info would be MUCH appreciated - biographical info, book activities,
web sites, etc...she wants it all!  I'll post a HIT if I get enough info.

Much obliged --  =)
   Michele Butler, LMS                       mbutler@int1.mhrcc.org
Traver Road Primary School              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
     Traver Road                         Carpe Diem......seize the day
Pleasant Valley, NY  12569          Carpe Dig'em......seize the Sugar Smacks!
   (914) 635-4300

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