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Our district currently staffs its elementary libraries with classified
aides under a two year waiver from the state. We will shortly be proposing
to the board that they certify these positions and require a state library
endorsement. We are now putting our presentation together and would very
much appreciate hearing from any MT librarians whose districts have also
gone through this process. Were you successful?  What arguments/rationales
were effective?  Did you cite any research, e.g., Colorado or Krashen
studies? How did you address cost concerns?  Also, in our district, we have
two state certified librarians working as aides, providing professional
services. How can we convince the board to pay these people more to provide
the same services that they provide now as aides?  In short, we would
welcome any advice or guidance you would be willing to share with us.
Thanks, George.

George Boyer
Winans School
Livingston, MT

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