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Greetings - I have to say that the "trivia" post yesterday was most
welcome.  Our school is going through lots of changes just now...new
supt. in August...new principal last week...block scheduling next week...
new school next year...new dicsipline policy and on and on...I copied
and printed those "facts" as "something you can count on" for the faculty
today...Lots of folks stopped by to comment on one of the items or
another...in fact our tech ed person has been researching the statue
question with his 78 year old aunt via e-mail for several weeks...what
a co-incidence, he says...I just love it when the universe conspires to
make fun things happen...Thanks to you all...keep smiling ;-)
Julie Hulten
oops - ehavent@biomed.med.yale.edu

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