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Does anyone know how to take an illustration from Netscape, and somehow
moving it to "paintbrush" to print it?  I saw someone do it a while back,
and didn't see how he did it.  The reason he did this was because we didn't
want to print the surrounding text, and we also wanted to enlarge the photo
from the thumbnail size it was.

I figured out how to take text with a colored background, which won't print
on my printer, and move it to "notepad" to print.  But, try as I may, I just
can't figure this one out.

You all seem to know so much more than I do about these things, i just know
there's a computer whiz out there who could help me.  Thanks so much!  I'll
share, if anyone wants the info.

Suby Weston Wallace
319 E. Nettleton
Jonesboro, AR   72401

Nettleton Intermediate Center (grades 5-6)
3801 Vera
Jonesboro, AR   72401


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