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Our school is starting a new reading program in cooperation with the Area
Agency on Aging, with senior citizens coming in to our school to read in the
classrooms.  Has anybody had any experience with this type of program?  Can
you offer any advice, suggestions, things not to do, things that worked, etc.?

We have a retired counseling professor who would like to work with the kids
ahead of time, discussing things to expect, how to interact, things like the
aging process.  We also plan to do some workshops with the adults to prepare
them for 5th and 6th graders, types of books to read, dos and don'ts of
reading aloud.

Any other suggestions?  Someone said she "knows someone who knows someone"
in Odessa, Texas, where they are doing such things.

If I get enough responses, I'd be glad to post a hit.  Thanks everyone!!

Suby Weston Wallace
319 E. Nettleton
Jonesboro, AR   72401

Nettleton Intermediate Center (grades 5-6)
3801 Vera
Jonesboro, AR   72401


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