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Does Georgia have a state reading list for 5th graders?  We have a list
in Texas called the Bluebonnet books.  Each year 20 books are on the
list, and the students who read at least 5 can vote on their favorite.  The
book with the most votes becomes The Bluebonnet Award book for the year.
    I have a student who is moving to Georgia, and he came to me
yesterday and asked if you had a similar set-up in Georgia.  He is moving
there this summer.  He was quite impressed when I told him I could "ask
on the Internet."  Please let me know so that I can help him a little bit
with this move and show him the power of the -net.
Donna Cook, library teacher
Raguet Elementary, Nacogdoches ISD, and Douglass ISD, and First Baptist
Nacogdoches, TX                         Douglass, TX      Nacogdoches, TX
<dsc@tenet.edu>         "The best education is caught--not taught"

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