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Thanks to all who helped out with the information concerning the publisher of
Homiletic Review. The overwhelming response was that the periodical is called
"Homiletic and Pastoral Review" (I had found that info as well) and I passed
on what I got to the teacher. He still believes we're talking about a
different publication, so he'll call the seminary library down the street to
satisfy his own notions. But thanks for what you all did!

I'm in a desperate situation looking for a video for a teacher. No one around
has it and it is supposedly not being published any more (by the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, I believe). We have the Spanish version and would like to see
the English version of "Mexico: Splendor of thirty centuries." If anyone
knows where it may be found, or if anyone has it and would be willing to lend
it to us for a few weeks, I'd love to know it! (I'd happily pay postage)
Thanks, as always.


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