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Many of you have asked me to share the source(s) of this info.  Alas, if only
I could -- it's another bit of trivia flotsam/jetsam (what IS the difference
-- does anyone know?) that has taken on a life-journey of its own.  I got it
from my brother, who got it from, who got it from, who got it. . .   you get
the idea.

However, I thought you-all might appreciate these 2 particular responses I

1.  << I showed my husband the humor you sent today.  He didn't believe that
all of the information was correct.  We looked up "jiffy" in the Oxford
English Dictionary and in the American Heritage, and neither has a meaning of
1/100th second listed or cited  :(
However, here is a tidbit we found about the derivation of the word Canada:
"While the Dictionary of Canadianisms lists ten possible explanations for the
word (ranging from Spanish Acan Nada to a form of Canara or Canata, a place
name in southern India), the generally accepted origin may be traced to the
writings of Jacques Cartier in 1536. While sailing up the St. Lawrence River,
Cartier noticed that the Indians referred to their settlements as kanata,
which, from its repetition, the French took to be the name of the entire
country. Such it was destined to become in 1867."
(http://www-nais.ccm.emr.ca/cgndb/english/schoolnet/prov.html#CANADA - some
group called Natural Resources Canada)>>

2.  << Ms. Yucht: is this how you spend your day?  Does your administrator
know that you waste valuable professional time on this kind of unnecessary
trivia?  This certainly does not set a good example for new and frequently
overworked school librarians.>>

Excuuuuuuuse me!   I do this on my own time, at my own expense, in spite of
my own carpal tunnel syndrome, in hopes of bringing an occasional  smile to
the faces of my chosen cybercommunity of proactive professionals.

Oh well, some people are just doomed to be sourpusses, I guess.

Alice, the giggling gadfly

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