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I am interested in starting a project with my middle school (7-8th) library
club and was wondering if anyone who has done something similar could give me
a few pointers.---
 The basic idea of the activity is to teach the library club about collection
development (the how and why's of selection) and then take them to a local
bookstore where they can chose a book or two for the library's collection.

 Right now we only have hardcover or Permabound books (all of which are great
and I have no complaints) but I was thinking of starting a paperback
collection where the books are for entertainment/escapism - for more than
just class assignments. I thought this would be a great way for students to
learn more about what I do, and give them more of a feeling of ownership in
the library.  This would also help me learn more about their interests and
what they look for in books.
Some questions I had:
  * Do you get the students into cataloging the books too? How well has that
worked, or does the interest in the project die after the books are bought?
  *Have you ever had a problem with restricting/refusing one of the students
  *Do you have the students read reveiws for the books they would like to
  *Have you had any problems dealing with bookstores or any suggestions for
working with the bookstores?

Any other information, advice, or pearls of wisdom you could supply would be
so GREATLY appreciated.  I'm excited about trying this type of thing, but I
want to know what I'm getting into as much as possible before I start.  TIA
for all your help!

Laura Brown
Cosgrove Middle School
Spencerport, NY

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