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We want to provide a couple of book repair workshops to library staffs in a
couple of counties in Northern California and have found that DEMCO, who
used to have a person who did the workshops, can no longer provide such a
person.  If anyone on the list knows of a company or person who can conduct
such a workshop, please send me the information.  Thanks.

Kathy Graves, IMC Director/Librarian
Siskiyou County Superintendent of Schools Office
609 South Gold Street, Yreka, CA 96097

e-mail: kgraves@sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us           FAX: 916-842-8436
hmpg: http://www.sisnet.ssku.k12.ca.us/~imcftp  AV:  916-842-8428
Phone:  916-842-8427                            Library: 916-842-8430

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