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Hi group,

Several people have asked if I can send them a copy of the article I mentioned
earlier (about teaching how to evaluate web resources).

Unfortunately, our library policies prevent me from sending out copies of the
article, even if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope; ILL
requests to our ILL department would be the only way we could send
copies out.  (Our OCLC symbol is GGN.)  I can give you three other options:

1) Secure the article through interlibrary loan.  If you don't provide this
service, your local public library may.

2)  Computers in Libraries (according to the information on the table of
contents page) "...is available in full-text in Information Access
Cortporation's Trade and Industry ASAP (file 648) on DIALOG."

3) If your budget permits, subscription information is as follows:

    Information Today, Inc.
    143 Old Marlton Pike
    Medford, NJ  08055-8750
    phone:609-654-6266      fax:609-654-4309
    subscription price: $87.50/year for US; $97.95/year for Canada and Mexico

    For European subscribers, the information is:

    Learned Information Europe, Ltd.
    Hinksey Hill
    Oxford, OX1 5BE, UK
    phone:+44-1865 730275
    subscription price: 68 pounds/year for Europe; $105.95 outside Europe

 My apologies for not being able to fulfill
requests for copies.  I hope the above information will help you.


Barbara Herbert   <herbert@georgian.edu>
Georgian Court College
Lakewood, NJ  08701-2697

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