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it really depends on whether you're looking for a particular style
of art or just a lot of variety. I tend to find the CDs that offer
"thousands" of images to be sort of cut and dried. My very favorite clip
art CD and the one I use most often for the greatest variety of projects is
ClickArts "ART PARTS". The images always look good at any size and they
have a style that I like a lot. If you get them from the Image Club
catalog, you can get them in sets (like Business or Education) or get the
whole collection. You might not want all your images to have that same
style, but I would certainly recommend getting some of them because they're
very versatile.

I just bought the ClickArt Image Pak 65,000 (for Mac, in my case)  Yup, 65000
images.  Cost about $60.00.  Big image catalog came with it.  I'm sure it is
available for PC.   http://www.clickart.com for more information.  Good luck.

I have Task Force Commander with over 10,000 images on CD ROM.  It was a
donation but I like it.

I think Key Clip Art (5,001 Images) disc is very good and cheap -- $9.95 to
12.95.  Don't get the one with 3,001 images, its not as good.  The one I
recommend has very good detailed clip art .  All of it is black and white.

I have a CD which I use all the time at home from Expert software.  There are
3500 color clips on my disc, but I know that the same company has others with
more.  They are very good.

We have a clip art cdrom that we use lots.

IMSI  Masterclips  35,000 Premium Art Collection: Clip Art, Fonts, Photos

1895 Francisco Blve East
San Rafael, CA  94901-5506
415-257-3565 FAX

We paid about $40.00 for it.  I saw a similiar product from the company that
was a multi cdrom set and said 100,000 clip art files.

COREL has several clip art CD's. You can get them by subject or just full
of all kinds of pictures. We have BORDER'S bookstores on the East Coast. I
can't tell where you are. There are usually ads in the Corel magazine for
mail order. The pictures are really beautiful. I have only used them in
Harvard Graphics but most people tell me that they are great in Power

Dorothy Platz
Wadena-Deer Creek High School

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