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Thanks for all of the replies to my question about Textbook Plus. As you
can see from the messages below, it appears that Follett will no longer
market this software. I will share details about the new product when I
receive info from new vendor.


We use Unison and Textbook plus and are very please with it. However,
according to Follett, the new Textbook plus will not interact with Unison so
you will not be able to tie your databases together, which is a real pain.
It's very nice to be able to access textbooks from the library and visa
versa without having to go completely out of the program. Besides, I
sometimes put notes about lost books on the student's record and that shows
up in Textbook plus.


Our library has been using Follett's Circulation Plus as our circulation
software for years. Two years ago we automated our textbook circulation and
upgraded to Unison in the library at the same time. (We had postponed
upgrading in the library for a year until the textbooks were ready to go.)
It took a lot of work to set it up and we have definitely had to do some
adjusting of our attitudes about the way things should  be done, but I
think it was worth it. Our students are each issued an ID card with their
picture and their barcode (student number) number on it. This ID card is
used for issuing both textbooks and library books. We also use it for
issuing tardies, as lunch passes, etc. What has been nice for the library
is that we just wait until the textbook department gets their student
database cleaned up each year and then we upload it. Saves us a lot of
work. There are still some kinks in the system, but overall I think it has
been satisfactory. Several other schools in our district are making the
same switch.


From my Follett rep:
 Follett Software no longer markets Textbook Plus, but Follett
     Educational Resources (a sister company) markets a similar product,

     I've forwarded your request to the appropriate person at FES, Jon


 I'd be interested in what Follett told you.  I was told that they
no longer sell an integrated Unison/Textbook program.  I posted an
inquiry a couple of weeks ago and havent posted a hit yet.  I'm appalled
that Follett has cut the umbilical cord to Unison.  It would make things
so much easier if they did.


We barcoded textbooks last summer and entered them on textbook plus.  We
are also networked using Unison.  The entry was not difficult since you can
enter just the title information and add a range of barcode numbers. The
barcodes will scan only in Textbook Plus and the Patron database is shared
with the Circ Plus and Textbook Plus.  The only drawback is that Follett is
not going to continue with Textbook Plus.  This program is going to be
handled by another company and I don't know how future upgrades will work
along with Unison.  Having Textbook Plus set up this way ensures that the
students when withdrawing come by the Media Center and check on all
materials that are out in their name and when students are entering we can
have them entered and issue their library cards right away.  We do have our
textbooks centralized instead of spread out to differnt team leaders.  It
requires that a full-time person be at the Circulation desk which you need


easy to use.


We use Unison for our library and we have a textbook room & person who
shares a patron data base over the network and checks out books via the
textbook plus unison program.  My understanding however is that Follett is
no longer promoting the textbook program.


 Paula Galland       paula@gnatnet.net      St. Simons Island, GA
       Glynn County Schools - http://www.gnatnet.net/~paula

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