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Have you triend Cognito from IAC?  The # of articles is well over 900,000
compared to Elibrary.  Like you, I do like the relevance and reading levels
in EL.
Cognito offers free trials.   http://www.cognito.com

At 08:09 PM 1/30/97 +0000, you wrote:
>When Electric Library (elibrary) was first announced, by Infonautics, Inc.
>we began using their free trail to evaluate it's usefulness for our school
>library. To give context to my opinion, you my want to know that our
>library currently provides (or has recently tested) the following CD based
>info sets to our 7-12 students: SIRS Researcher, Super TOM+, Newsbank,
>Ebsco Full Text Elite, UMI ProQuest Direct, and Broadcast News.
>My Bias:
>A key attribute of a library tool is how much of professional time is
>required to suppport student success. The ideal tool would allow students
>to independently look at the screen, enter their topic, receive a set of
>relevant hits that are highly useful to them, while introducing the least
>confusion. Quality tools should lessen our burdens, and therefore provide
>us with more time to educate ourselves and colleagues.)
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