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Dear Bob,
   The Electric Library scores high at Mount Saint Joseph Academy, too.  I
also have SIRS and SuperTom, but once my students found out about the
Electric Library, they go there first because they can always find an
article on almost any topic.  One discipline it seems to serve that the
other two do not is in the area of literature criticism.  Very often
teachers require periodical articles for research papers in literature. It
was a pleasant surprise to find articles on the poetry of William
Wordsworth as well as that of Sharon Olds, someone we had no information on
a few months ago.  I would encourage all media specialists with Internet
access to try the Electric Library.
                                                        Pat Bender

Pat Bender
Director of Library Media Services
Mount Saint Joseph Academy
120 W. Wissahickon Avenue
Flourtown, PA 19031
FAX: 215-233-9126
e-mail: pbender@mciunix.mciu.k12.pa.us

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